African Wood Massage

Duration: 90 min


This unique massage draws inspiration from traditional African healing methods. It’s a very indulgent, full body massage for those seeking deep relaxation and tension relief.



This massage mimics the rhythms of African dance.  Wooden instruments are used to enhance the effect of gentle stretching techniques and the soothing, medium-pressure massage that follows.



The treatment commences with a traditional welcoming ceremony during which your feet are cleansed with juniper berry-infused concentrate. This is followed by gentle, passive stretching adapted specifically to your own individual capacity to release tension and enhance the range of motion of your joints. Enjoy the soothing experience of a warm avocado-infused olive and shea butter ointment drizzled over your body, followed by a deep massage promoting immediate muscle relaxation while the soft butter nourishes and moisturises dry skin. Sounds from custom-made wooden instruments are introduced to promote a deeper muscle effect while your weary body is blissfully relaxed and rejuvenated.