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Alexander Technique

                                                                                                                                              Duration: 75 min


For anyone who seeks a greater understanding of what habits may be responsible for chronic discomfort, stress-related illnesses or emotional disorders and would like to learn a way to permanently overcome them.


The therapist uses various simple operations such as sitting and standing as well as gentle movements of your limbs on a therapy table to illustrate your habitual patterns of reaction. This new awareness leads to choices that can lead to lasting beneficial change.


Each session forms part of an educational process. This process, which includes a hands-on table session as well as some simple exercises such as sitting and standing, helps you to recognise and overcome the habit patterns of your mind that, in turn, compromise posture, movement, thinking, emotions and many other vital aspects of functioning.

The method is the legacy of Frederick Matthias Alexander (1869 – 1955), an Australian actor who, through meticulous observation, discovered that the reason for his chronic voice problems was an unconscious habit of tension that developed whenever he anticipated needing to project his voice. He soon realised that unconscious, automatic movements are common to modern human existence and that they represent mis-use of the body-mind system. With patience, new awareness can be developed that enables proper function to be restored.  ‘If I can teach you how to avoid those habits in this simple activity (sitting) you’ll be able to extend it to other areas of your life – even to your emotional reactions, which is the hardest task of all’ F M Alexander.

The immediate effect of a single session is soothing and relaxing. It may also be revitalising while providing a first step in the direction of meaningful, self-directed change. As a technique that promotes the growth of self-awareness, it may be defined as an embodied approach to Mindfulness.