Summer and Autumn Specials

Take advantage of our Summer Specials from 1st October to 28 February 2018.  Autumn Specials are from March 1st РJune 3rd

Our New Eco Pool

Our brand new, freshwater eco pool is now complete! Are you ready to take the plunge? Read more 

Borehole Water

Wondering how the drought affects us? Luckily all our needs are covered by borehole water which we then recycle to irrigate the garden and orchards. Come and enjoy a guilt-free soak with us this summer!


Back Exfoliation

Duration: 45min


This treatment was designed for those with dry skin and impurities on their backs as well as anyone who would benefit by receiving a relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage.


The back exfoliation involves gentle application of a salt scrub that is mixed with an essential oil blend. It encourages a deep cleansing by removal of impurities and detoxifies the back region. The cleansed, smooth back is now ready for a tension-relieving back, neck and shoulder massage that leaves the whole region feeling cared for and revitalised.


The salt scrub gently polishes the skin, while removing dry skin. Friction movements assist in elimination of impurities leaving the back feeling cleansed, soft, smooth and revitalised. The exfoliation process is followed by an invigorating and relaxing back, neck and shoulder massage. The massage promotes release of tension in the back muscles and relieves tight neck areas. The effect is to soothe any soreness, easing aches and pains while simultaneously improving blood and lymphatic flow.