Summer and Autumn Specials

Take advantage of our Summer Specials from 1st October to 28 February 2018.  Autumn Specials are from March 1st РJune 3rd

Our New Eco Pool

Our brand new, freshwater eco pool is now complete! Are you ready to take the plunge? Read more 

Borehole Water

Wondering how the drought affects us? Luckily all our needs are covered by borehole water which we then recycle to irrigate the garden and orchards. Come and enjoy a guilt-free soak with us this summer!


Hibernation Wrap

Duration: 60 min


This is the perfect experience for anyone who longs to feel warm and cocooned, far away from the chilling effects of winter weather.


This unique, luxurious wrap moisturises the skin while helping to remove stagnant lymph as well as stimulating blood circulation. In addition, the added benefit of a back massage soothes any aches and pains that may have arisen through stress.


A grape-infused sponge is used to exfoliate the skin while removing dead skin cells from all over the body. This process facilitates improved absorption of the olive and shea body butter which is then applied as a moisturizer. The application process includes a 20-minute back, neck and shoulder massage to help loosen tight muscles and leave you feeling completely relaxed. When the entire body has been covered with the body butter, it is cocoon-wrapped and allowed time to hydrate. After a warm shower a grape-based lotion is finally applied as a moisture-retaining sealant.