Steve Newman Concerts & Yoga

A week of exclusive evening soireés with one of SA’s music legends as well as the opportunity to share in his daily curative yoga sessions. 12-15th November. Read More

Our New Eco Pool

Our brand new, freshwater eco pool is now complete!   Read more 

Micronised Marine Algae Wrap

 Duration: 60 minutes


This wrap is ideal for anyone in search of a treatment that offers the health-promoting benefits of seaweed as well as a sense of well-being and relaxation.


The treatment utilises a marine algae-based skin product (‘mud’) that is rich in minerals and trace elements. Our special blend contains three algal strains (Fucus, Laminaria and Lithothanium)  that are renowned for enhancing detoxification processes as well as encouraging weight management and promoting refinement of the figure.


Initially, a gel is applied to the whole body to neutralise the pH balance in the skin, assisting penetration and absorption of the pure algae. Marine algae ‘mud’ is applied to the whole body after which you are cocooned and warmly wrapped. During the 15 – 20 min it takes for the product to take effect, you receive a relaxing scalp massage. After a shower to remove the mud, a marine body lotion is applied to leave your skin feeling soft and completely moisturised.