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“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates

308575_215553575166938_1054601489_nThe Hydro’s eating plan is designed to cleanse the system through detoxification, gently encouraging your body to recover from the damaging effects of modern life.

In accordance with your personal objectives, we provide a balanced and nutritious, low GI diet. To ensure a high density of nutrients, our focus is on the quality of ingredients.

Every meal is creatively prepared from fresh fruits, vegetables and legumes, many of which are freshly grown in our organic garden.

Proteins are served in the form of cottage cheese, feta, yoghurt, avocado, nuts, seeds, legumes, pulses and free-range boiled eggs.  The complement of vegetarian proteins assists in balancing blood sugar levels.

Essential fats are found in olive oil, olives, avocados and nuts and seeds.  These fats support healthy skin and hair, balancing cholesterol levels and down-regulating systemic inflammation. Carbohydrates are found in the wide variety of whole fruit and vegetables.  These foods are rich in vitamins and minerals essential for cellular function.  Their high fiber content contributes to maintaining low GI and assisting colonic function.

Diet options include a full salad buffet, fruit fast or vegetable juice fast. These options may be discussed further in consultation with your Health Advisor after you have arrived at The Hydro. Should you choose the full detoxification diet, plates of fresh fruits will be individually prepared in accordance with your Health Advisor’s recommendations.

Filtered water (hot, warm or cold) is available on tap at all hours. During the day you have unlimited access to our signature refreshment, Cinnamon-&-Ginger tea. This delectable drink is freshly prepared every day to boost your immune system. At night, it is replaced by Chamomile tea to encourage restorative sleep.


A sumptuous, seasonal, fresh fruit buffet with raw, sugar-free muesli, seed mix and Bulgarian yoghurt. Juices on request.

Lunch & Supper:

Simple, seasonal, vegetarian salad buffets enhanced by the natural aromatic flavours of herbs. Juices on request.

In addition, at lunch, a baked potato or sweet potato is served with cottage cheese.

Supper includes a hot soup with either a wholewheat roll or gluten-free seed crackers served on alternate nights with homemade pesto.


Juice Fast:

Depending on the outcome of your consultation with a Health Advisor, you may decide to embark on a Juice Fast during your stay. Vegetable juicing is a recognised form of food-as-medicine, alkalising the body’s pH level and assisting both in the absorption of nutrients and encouraging the body’s innate ability to detoxify. Fasting also allows the digestive system to rest, enabling energy resources to be directed to biochemical maintenance and repair.

A juice fast comprises a daily allowance of up to 5 combinations of freshly prepared raw vegetable juice and 3 portions of seed mix. These provide essential protein, fat and fiber, assisting in the stabilisation of blood sugar levels.