Winter News
* Please note: from 28 May - 3 July, The Hydro is closed to the public while we upgrade our existing facilities.

* Take advantage of our 40% winter discount on accommodation prices for packages of 4 nights and more during May, July and August.

Recipe Book

 The Hydro proudly presents our recipe book: EAT WELL.

Within these pages are the actual meals and drinks we make in our kitchen.


Central to The Hydro philosophy is our approach to nutrition. We believe that what we eat ultimately determines our health.

Chef Herbie van der Merwe has translated this philosophy into a range of recipes that are balanced, nutritious and entice the palate with delicious combinations of fresh ingredients.

As an introduction to the book, the chapter titled ‘Hero Vegetables and Fruits’ provides in-depth nutritional information about each ingredient.

Recipes for every day as well as special occasions are found in chapters that include ‘Hot Dishes’, ‘Warm and Cold Salads’, ‘Condiments and Sides’ and ‘Soups and Juices’.

Eat Well is available exclusively from The Hydro. We invite you to order your copy immediately so that you can anticipate extending The Hydro food experience when you’re back in your own home.