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Winter Day Packages


From May 1st to August 31st:

  • All packages of 4 days or more, will receive a 40% discount on accommodation tariffs.

Monday 23rd – Friday 27th JULY

Complimentary Art & Dance workshops that draw on the emotive magic of music and movement, allowing the opportunity to get in touch with impulses, ideas, feelings and images. Read More


Do you need to reboot your relationship with food? Our annual Joy of Eating Retreat is in October. Read More

Our New Eco Pool

Our brand new, freshwater eco pool is now complete!   Read more 

Walk the Labyrinth

Yet another way to inner peace at the Hydro: Read More

Borehole Water

Wondering how the drought affects us? Luckily all our needs are covered by borehole water which we then recycle to irrigate the garden and orchards.

Recipe Books

We’re thrilled to announce publication of our second recipe book:

‘With Food in Mind’

Embracing Mindfulness both at The Hydro and in everyday life, this new recipe book offers a unique perspective on what it means to be mindful of the food we eat. From planning through to eating, every meal is an opportunity to practice a mindful approach.


Considering the origins of every ingredient, the quality of every vegetable or fruit that we use and focusing on every step in the preparation of our food are all aspects of mindful eating.

Not only does each recipe promote good health, the additional emphasis on mindful preparation encourages time spent in the kitchen to become part of your personal daily Mindfulness practice. Preparing food with a focus on love, appreciation and gratitude is sure to enhance your own wellbeing as well as that of your family and your guests.


This collection contains tips for preparing food mindfully, nutritional details of 13 newly identified ‘Hero Foods’, over 90 new recipes compiled by chef Herbie and a sumptuous, full-colour photograph of each one. With the hardcover format, you can expect this book to become a life-long friend!

See Recipe Sample



Your library of Hydro recipes isn’t complete without our first recipe book:

‘Eat Well’

Central to The Hydro philosophy is our approach to nutrition: what we eat ultimately determines our health.

Chef Herbie van der Merwe translates this philosophy into a range of recipes that are balanced, nutritious and entice the palate with delicious combinations of fresh ingredients.

As an introduction to the book, the chapter titled ‘Hero Vegetables and Fruits’ provides in-depth nutritional information about each ingredient.

Recipes for every day as well as special occasions are found in chapters that include ‘Hot Dishes’, ‘Warm and Cold Salads’, ‘Condiments and Sides’ and ‘Soups and Juices’.

 See Featured Recipe


If you would like to order these books, please send an email to info@thehydro.co.za with your name and address and we will send  postal/courier costs and payment details. Alternatively, ask for one at your next visit to the Hydro.

The Source: our own garden

In 2015 we established our own organic, permaculture vegetable garden which has since become the heart and soul of The Hydro. A dedicated gardening team provides our kitchen with all the seasonal and nutritional delights to be found in these recipes.