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A week of exclusive evening soireés with one of SA’s music legends as well as the opportunity to share in his daily curative yoga sessions. 12-15th November. Read More

Our New Eco Pool

Our brand new, freshwater eco pool is now complete!   Read more 

Relaxation & Mindfulness

Relaxation has always been central to The Hydro’s philosophy of health and well being. In the last few decades, stress has become a global malady, affecting millions of people daily. There is now a growing body of doctors and medical researchers who regard stress as the primary antecedent to the plethora of diseases and ailments that afflict us today. Never has the importance of relaxation been so widely acknowledged.

At The Hydro, we encourage you to become a connoisseur of your own relaxation process. The simple act of downing tools and booking into The Hydro is an important starting point. To reach the most profound levels of health-giving relaxation, mental presence is necessary. As long as your mind is working at the fast pace of your normal life, you are still likely to be in a state of tension that is far from being conducive to encouraging your Parasympathetic (‘rest and repair’) nervous system to fully engage.

Those guests who have come to The Hydro to pre-empt burnout may actually be locked into Sympathetic (‘fight, flight or freeze’) mode and are particularly susceptible to anxiety, weight gain and poor sleeping patterns. It is essential for all guests to slow down their rate of mental activity in order to benefit either from the general ambience of The Hydro and environs or any treatment/s received during their stay.

Our low-noise policy is in place to assist your mind to quieten. We advise you to exercise discipline over your use of cellphones, ipads and laptops during your stay. For your own sake (and that of your fellow guests) we respectfully request that you leave your devices in your room or locked up in our safe. This simple act has important consequences for your ability to extract the maximum benefit from your stay.

2e789220-49ac-0133-8ef5-0e17bac22e39In addition, The Hydro offers you the opportunity to learn the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness has been defined as paying attention in a particular way: on purpose, in the present moment and non-judgementally*. It is now scientifically well  established that a regular practice of mindfulness for even a few minutes per day significantly improves levels of health and wellbeing as well as optimising brain function, enabling improved productivity at work.

*Please note that The Hydro offers classes in secular mindfulness ie no religious or sectarian affiliation is involved. Definition courtesy of Jon Kabat-Zinn, Professor of Medicine Emeritus and creator of the Stress Reduction Clinic and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care and Society at the University of Massachusetts Medical School

The Hydro currently encourages mindfulness in various ways:

  • Sitting in Stillness (guided group meditation sessions)
  • T’ai Chi (classes)
  • Liquid Body (individual treatments)
  • Mindful Eating Retreats (occurring periodically through the year)
  • Alexander Technique
  • Mindful Movement classes.

Mindfulness Events at the Hydro


Mindfulness Month: August

Now in its 3rd successive year, Mindfulness Month at The Hydro offers multiple opportunities to learn about and experience Mindfulness in a variety of ways.

Throughout August 2018, a range of professionals with training in Mindfulness programs, will provide insights and education around this most widely endorsed antidote to stress.

Our in-house guests will have access to talks, demonstrations, guided meditations, Feldenkrais, mandala making, mindful art and mindful movement.

These sessions will be led by psychologists, yoga teachers, life coaches, trauma therapists, addiction specialists and others with specialised training in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).

All of these glimpses into the profound health-giving effects of Mindfulness, are offered at no charge, in addition to the treatments and facilities you can always expect at The Hydro.