Summer Specials

Take advantage of our Summer Specials from 1st October to 28 February 2018.


Redefining our relationship to food for better health, weight loss and peace of mind.
Read More about our four day Mindfulness Retreat.  JOYFUL EATING. Booking Essential
4th-7th December 2017

Our New Eco Pool

We are excited to announce the construction of an all-natural pool currently underway. It will be ready by early December and promises to be a wonderful addition to our facilities. Read more

Borehole Water

No drought at The Hydro! We have borehole water for all our uses and we recycle to irrigate the garden and orchards. Come and enjoy a luxurious soak with us this summer!

Stretching one-on-one

Duration: 30 min


 For those who want to increase flexibility and relieve stress and tension through low-impact, high-effect training.


Our qualified fitness consultants have devised flexibility workouts that define various positions that safely stretch parts of your body.


 By stretching specific muscle groups, stiffness is alleviated and physical performance is improved while simultaneously decreasing the risk of fresh injuries.