Welcome to the Stellenbosch Hydro

A place of refuge and respite when the pressures of life tell you that you need to rest and revive.

Here you’ll find that we’re much more than a facility. We pride ourselves on our sensitivity to your needs.  


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5 Rhythms Workshop
-April 13th, 11am
Tap into the Power of your being


The Context

The Hydro at Stellenbosch has long been regarded as South Africa’s premier Health Spa. This is partly due to an extraordinary physical location. We’re situated in one of the world’s most spectacular landscapes comprising magnificent mountainous surroundings and exquisite views.

Though we’re close to Stellenbosch, you won’t hear any traffic. Quietude is guaranteed.

Nutritional well-being is our priority.  The vegetarian menu is delicious and healthy, bountiful and full of colour.. You can lose weight or gain it, depending on your purpose.

Dissolve the effects of life’s stresses with our wide array of beautifying, detoxifying and energy-restoring treatments. Peruse the extensive cultivated gardens at your leisure or take longer guided walks around the estate. Relax in plush, comfortable accommodation and recline beside the splendid greenery of our freshwater swimming pool.

In a few days you’ll feel replenished…when your vitality returns, you may enjoy working out in our well-equipped gym or take one of our regular movement classes.


The Setting

Less than an hour from Cape Town, The Hydro at Stellenbosch occupies a unique position at the highest point of the picturesque Idas Valley, commanding breathtaking vistas in every direction. Stately trees and manicured lawns merge into gently sloping orchards and vineyards. Surrounded on one side by spectacular mountains and on the other side, views that sweep endlessly all the way to Table Mountain. The sunsets here are awe-inspiring.


A Place of Health and Wellness

Essentially, we’re committed to supporting the body’s natural propensity to restore itself.

Our collective aim is to encourage the vital energy everyone possesses, to replenish mind, body and spirit.

Mindfulness is fundamental to this process. Stress may be defined as the inability to choose your thoughts. For our bodies, this translates into having trouble letting go. Allow us to show you how. We offer numerous alternatives that can assist you to unburden yourself. You’ll soon detect a new spring in your step!

All of this is facilitated by clean, comfortable accommodation and a generous, cleansing nutrition that comprises fresh vegetables and fruit.

Most of our seasonal vegetables are grown organically in our own permaculture garden. All the water comes from either a natural spring or is recycled through plant-based filtration beds. Much of our electricity is solar generated. And naturally, the magnificent Ida Valley provides a steady source of fresh air and warm sunlight.

Immersed in this rich abundance of natural elements you’ll be able to rest, refresh, recuperate and revive your precious life.


Our healing philosophy embraces Mindfulness, regarded increasingly by medical practitioners as the most effective way to manage stress. Medical research has shown that life-threatening diseases (including cancer, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, hypertension, cardio-vascular disease, arthritis and many others) are often caused by long-term, chronic stress. By understanding that unhealthy thoughts are the source of stress, training the mind through Mindfulness can directly enhance the functioning of the immune system as well as improving mental clarity and encouraging emotional resilience.

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