Welcome to the Stellenbosch Hydro

A place of refuge and respite for those who are tired of enduring the many pressures of the modern world; those who need a place to rest and revive – to rediscover the genuine sense of a positive outcome – no matter what personal circumstances are weighing them down.

Acute sensitivity shapes our hearts and our approach.

The Hydro is not a facility. It is an environment. It is a relief.

Because, at the Stellenbosch Hydro, we strive to provide the optimistic future that our world simply craves

Our Background

At The Stellenbosch Hydro, we’ve long been viewed as South Africa’s premier Health Spa.

We benefit greatly from our physical location within one of the world’s most spectacular landscapes. You can take in the exquisite views and explore the magnificent surroundings.

You can relax or rejuvenate through a wide menu of beautifying, detoxifying and energy-restoring treatments that soak away the stresses of contemporary life.

The vegetarian menu is delicious and healthy – nutritional well-being is a priority at The Hydro. You can peruse the cultivated gardens – both horticultural and botanical.

The accommodation is plush and comfortable.

After a few days, you will feel replenished, detoxified, beautified and nourished. Yet this literal ‘menu’ of facilities is just the surface of The Hydro.


A Place of Health and Wellness

We have continually evolved to embrace the most effective Health and Wellness practices of the 21st Century.

At our core, we are committed to repairing the damage caused by the rigours of modern life. We firmly believe that everyone possesses a vital energy that continually strives to restore mind, body and spirit.

We embrace Mindfulness: Living in a state of heightened awareness. We have developed this philosophy into an acute understanding of the role that our environment plays in affecting our mental and physical health, as well as the antidotes we need to combat the long-term damage placed on our bodies by stress.

We know that our natural, self-healing properties are best served in clean, quiet and comfortable accommodation.

The physical surroundings at The Hydro naturally enhance the stress-free lifestyle we advocate, as do the many therapeutic treatments we offer and the many delicious meals we prepare.

Almost all of our organic seasonal vegetables are grown fresh in our own private garden. All the water at The Hydro comes from our own natural supply. Our electricity is solar generated. And, of course, the magnificent Ida Valley provides a constant source of fresh air and warm sunlight.

Within this abundant supply of clean, rich elements,  you will discover an ideal place to rest, refresh, recuperate and revive your life.


The Setting

Less than an hour from Cape Town, overlooking the picturesque Idas Valley on the outskirts of Stellenbosch, The Hydro is a unique Spa, that commands breathtaking vistas in every direction. Stately trees and manicured lawns merge into gently sloping orchards and vineyards.

The view sweeps endlessly over hills silhouetted by spectacular sunsets.   Inevitably, as your stay progresses, a quietude gradually descends, encouraging levels of relaxation that herald your ultimate rejuvenation.


Our healing philosophy follows the practice known as Mindfulness. Mindfulness means being totally aware of how you live, how you feel, and the effect of what you eat or drink. It’s about being conscious of the present, rather than rehashing the past or imagining the future.

Medical research has shown that life-threatening diseases (including cancer, auto-immune diseases, diabetes, hypertension, cardio-vascular disease, arthritis and many others) are often caused by long-term, chronic stress. By recognising and understanding stress as a root cause of ill-health, Mindfulness can boost your immune system’s ability to fight off illness and provide focus and clarity as a natural antidote.

Mindfulness also means eating with (and on) purpose. Knowing about what you’re putting into your body and knowing where it comes from helps you to truly appreciate the food you eat, helps with weight-loss and encourages healthier habits.

This unique form of self-awareness can improve learning; emotional stability and empathy – helping to keep you more focussed and improving your memory and attention skills. Being mindful means learning to let go. Learning to relax. So that you can free yourself from the destructive pressure of modern life. With practice, mindful relaxation should become as easy as breathing.

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