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A week of exclusive evening soireés with one of SA’s music legends as well as the opportunity to share in his daily curative yoga sessions. 12-15th November. Read More

Our New Eco Pool

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Duration: 60 min
Cost: R950


For those who relish the comfort and ease offered by warm water; who seek a particularly profound sense of peace and relaxation, and anyone recovering from debilitating stress, illness, injury or medical procedures.


The natural buoyancy provided by warm water is augmented by flotation bands and the special support provided by the practitioner enabling you to entrust yourself to gentle movements that encourage deep levels of relaxation.


This treatment, based on Watsu and Jahara techniques, offers you the opportunity to experience the profound levels of relaxation that become possible in warm water. While carefully supporting you in the water, the practitioner initiates ultra-slow, soothing movements that naturally guide your body to ever deeper levels of relaxation and peace.  As tension melts away, tight joints and stiff limbs begin to move freely. This treatment offers a blissful antidote to stress.