Day Programme

Join us for the Day at the Hydro and enjoy all the facilities, fresh juice, a wholesome lunch, teas, detox afternoon soup, as well as these treatments:

  • Hydrotherapy

  • Detox Wrap or Swedish Massage

  • The Hydro Signature Radiance Facial by TheraVine™

Enjoy our indoor heated pool, or soak up the sunshine and beautiful surroundings around the outdoor eco-pool,
If it’s a workout you need, the fully equipped gym is available,
Or take a brisk or gentle walk around the 40 hectare wine farm with magnificent mountain views.

Price: R2600

If you have time, other treatments can be added.


This process assists detoxification by increasing metabolic rate and stimulating blood circulation. First a 15-min jacuzzi bath to stimulate circulation and warm up stiff muscles. This is followed by hot/cold therapy to encourage blood and lymph circulation.  Then a full-body, cold spray followed by a steam bath or sauna to promote elimination of impurities via the skin. Afterwards, your skin feels  smooth and you are left feeling both invigorated and relaxed.


This is a deep full-body massage is for those seeking intense body relaxation as a means to improve overall health. This treatment improves circulation and flexibility while easing muscle aches and tension. By applying firm but gentle pressure across the entire body, the practitioner warms the muscle tissue thereby helping to eliminate knots and release tension.

Hydro Signature Radiance Facial

TheraVine™ The Hydro Signature
Radiance Facial is a facial designed for
extreme radiance commence with a Glycolic Acid peel to rapidly increase cell turnover, followed by active aromatic plant botanicals designed to increase moisture whilst smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.
Skin is left feeling plumped, soft and luminous.