A detox program is a highly effective way to clean your body of toxins, speed up your metabolism and enhance your overall health.

 Juicing alkalises the body’s pH level and assists both in the absorption of nutrients and encourages the body’s own ability to detoxify.

 Fasting also allows the digestive system to rest, enabling energy resources to be directed to biochemical maintenance and repair. Here at The Hydro, a juice fast comprises a daily allowance of up to 5 combinations of freshly prepared raw vegetable juices and 3 portions of seed mix. These provide essential protein, fat and fibre, assisting in the stabilisation of blood sugar levels.

Detox Massages help to rid your body of toxins and pollutants that build up, especially when you are under stress. Detox massage is a type of gentle manipulation that focuses mainly on the lymphatic system of the body, eliminating excess fluid buildup, expelling harmful bacteria and flushing out waste products that have built up from the metabolic processes.

Regular Exercise encourages circulation in the blood and lymph system, enhances digestion, reduces tension, lubricates joints, and strengthens your body.


Our Detox Treatments

Any of our detox treatment programs that are going to have any meaningful benefit to your health, are going to take a number of days.
Here is a list of the treatments that you can choose from individually during your stay, but are best experienced through the longer, coordinated programs that we recommend.


Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique promotes the growth of self-awareness and may be defined as an embodied approach to Mindfulness. The therapist uses various simple operations such as sitting and standing as well as gentle movements of your limbs on a therapy table to illustrate habitual patterns of reaction that compromise posture, movement, thinking, emotions and many other vital aspects of functioning. Offered in two soothing sessions to help establish this awareness, it encourages you to notice and apply choices that can lead to lasting, beneficial change.

Bellabaci full body Massage
Bellabaci is a modified and simplified version of the ancient cupping technique that is still used today in Asia, Egypt and Greece. Bellabaci utilizes medical-grade silicone cups which, when squeezed by hand, create a vacuum against the skin (these do not leave unsightly red marks). By creating suction in the cup, negative pressure is created under the skin that promotes drainage of excess fluid and toxins. Connective tissue is mobilised and this can assist in reducing scarring and enhancing blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin. Cell metabolism is improved, too, through the supply of additional nutrients and oxygen, thus providing longer term anti-ageing benefits as well. Depending on the degree of suction applied, Bellabaci can be as light as lymphatic drainage or as deep as a deep tissue massage.
Colonic Hydrotherapy
Colonic Hydrotherapy is for those suffering from colon issues such as colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, abdominal distension or gas pains. Using filtered water to irrigate the colon, the process cleanses and tones the colon, thus helping to detoxify your body. It is beneficial in restoring the functions of the colon and promoting optimal digestive assimilation. This, in turn, strengthens your immune system, leading to improved general health.
Inbody Analysis
Inbody Analysis offers an accurate measurement of water, fat, protein (muscle) and minerals in the body. A small electrical current is applied via electrodes that connect you to the Inbody Analysis scale and instantaneously produces a print-out of your body composition values.
Hydrotherapy involves a 15-min Jacuzzi bath to stimulate circulation and help warm up sore or stiff muscles, followed by a hot and cold sitting bath (called Kneipp therapy) to stimulate lymph and blood circulation. There after you have a full-body cold spray, followed by a steam bath or sauna to eliminate impurities via the skin. Finally, a warm shower brings you back to body temperature leaving your skin feeling invigorated and your body completely relaxed.
Manual Lymph Drainage
Manual Lymph Drainage is a treatment designed to manually stimulate the normal detoxification process of lymph drainage. By using gentle, specialised pumping techniques, the therapist moves your skin in the direction of the lymph flow, stimulating the process by which lymphatic vessels carry substances vital to your body’s defences as well as removing waste products. This therapy is ideal for people who need to improve all conditions of oedema and fluid retention as well as providing post-operative encouragement of the natural healing process.
Mezieres-Based Method

Ease of movement is only possible when the action of bones, joints and muscles is harmonious. When, under the pressures of life, the relationship between them becomes unbalanced, injuries and stiffness may ensue.

This treatment is based on the Mézières Method, a physiotherapy that emerged in Europe in 1947 that took cognizance of the interrelatedness of the entire organism even when the problem seems to be restricted to a single area. By attending to the entire body, using gentle touch and movements, it seeks to rebalance the different muscle chains and joints, improving posture and alleviating pain.

Aquacise These 30-min classes take place in the heated indoor pool and are directed by a fitness specialist. The resistance of warm water in combination with gentle exercises helps build strength and flexibility. Classes are applicable to all levels of fitness.
Detox Body Scrub and Wrap
A Detox Body Scrub and Wrap starts with a full-body salt exfoliation to buff away dead skin cells and promote blood circulation. After a shower to remove the exfoliator, the skin is left soft and purified in readiness for the detox oil that facilitates the detoxification process. A clay body mask is then applied over the detox oil and the body is wrapped tightly for 15 min while you receive a relaxing scalp massage. This is followed by a warm shower to remove the mask before a Cabernet body lotion is finally applied. The effect is soft, supple skin and a thoroughly detoxified and invigorated body.
Marine Algae Wrap

p This treatment utilizes marine algae-based ‘mud’, rich in minerals and trace elements renowned for enhancing
detoxification, encourage weight management and promoting refinement of the figure. A plasma gel is first applied to the whole body to neutralise the pH balance in the skin. This assists in the penetration and absorption of the pure algae which is applied to the whole
body before being warmly wrapped. During
the 15 – 20 min it takes for the product to take effect, you receive a relaxing scalp massage. After a shower to remove the mud, a marine body lotion is applied to leave your skin feeling soft and completely moisturised.
60 min – R900

Marine Algae Bath

with the effect of micronised marine algae in a relaxing bath is to boost blood and lymphatic circulation, strengthen muscle tone and promote the elimination of toxins. In addition, fluid retention is diminished as well as aches and pains, particularly those associated with sports injuries. Initially, a plasma gel is applied to the whole body to neutralise the skin’s pH balance, enabling efficient absorption of the pure algae. This is followed by a relaxing, 20-minute immersion in a bath infused with micronised marine algae. Finally, a marinebody lotion will be applied to your skin, leaving it feeling soft and moisturised.


This is a therapy for those who wish to alleviate symptoms such as depression, anxiety, nausea, stiffness, headaches, arthritis, cramps or pulled muscles. Shiatsu is an ancient modality that uses finger and palm pressure to stimulate energy pathways (known as meridians) to improve the flow of energy and promote healing.

Swedish Full Body Massage
This deep massage improves circulation and flexibility while easing muscle aches and tension. By applying firm but gentle pressure across the body, the practitioner warms and loosens the muscle tissue thereby releasing tension and eliminating knots. This treatment is for ideal those seeking body relaxation as a means to improve overall health
Thallasso Wrap
A Thalasso Wrap begins with a full body, salt buff exfoliation treatment followed by a re-mineralising and detoxifying bath. Next, an under-water, lymphatic drainage treatment is rendered, using gentle water pressure to facilitate the elimination of toxins. It is followed by the application of a Slimming oil after which the body is wrapped in a Seaweed mud. A head massage is given while the body is wrapped. A shower helps clean the mud from the body and this treatment is ended with a contouring and firming body cream.
Ozone Therapy
Ozone Therapy takes place in an ozone chamber under the supervision of a trained therapist. Ozone-rich, moist heat opens pores and dilates the capillaries. The ozone oxidises toxins in the lymph nodes, fat and blood. The oxidised toxins leave the body via the sweat glands in the skin, thereby preventing the shock to the body of excessive dumping of toxins into the liver and colon. This state-of-the-art treatment aids various problems such as high blood pressure, arthritis, eczema, allergies, low immunity, muscular /nervous system dysfunction and nicotine dependency.

Extended Detox Programmes

While each of these Detoxifying treatments can be experienced  separately,
it is when they are combined in a coordinated process over a period of days that they truly bear results.