At The Hydro we believe that a healthy body is a body that benefits from an appreciation and practice of balance – mindful of the vital relationship between stress management, good nutrition and regular exercise.

That is why, beyond the many treatments and therapies we offer that will help you to relax and revitalize, we also encourage you to observe the nutrition-rich menu that we offer, along with the various physical activities we promote to stimulate your entire system and general well-being.

Here are a number of the treatments and activities you can enjoy:


African Wood Massage

This unique and highly indulgent massage draws inspiration from traditional African healing methods by using wooden instruments that mimic the rhythms of an African dance. Gentle stretching techniques release tension and enhance the range of motion of the joints. Enjoy the soothing experience of a warm avocado-infused olive and shea butter ointment drizzled over your body, followed by a deep massage with the wooden massaging sticks that promote immediate muscle relaxation and foster a deeper muscle effect while your weary body is blissfully relaxed and rejuvenated. Sounds from the custom made wooden rain sticks are introduced to end this treatment.


For those who relish the comfort and ease offered by warm water; who seek a particularly profound sense of peace and relaxation, and anyone recovering from debilitating stress, illness, injury or medical procedures.
The natural buoyancy provided by warm water is augmented by flotation bands and the special support provided by the practitioner enabling you to entrust yourself to gentle movements that encourage deep levels of relaxation.

Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage

Our Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage is a deeply relaxing massage therapy concentrating on back, neck and shoulder muscles. Pressure is applied along both sides of the spine and the lower back, moving up towards the shoulders and neck, thereby relieving the effects of stress and tension.

Chiropractic Therapy

For those who suffer from musculoskeletal conditions manifesting as neck and back discomfort, headaches and muscle tension. Focusing on relieving those conflicts between the spine and the central nervous system, the body is manipulated through subtle adjustment and alignment resulting in the relief of muscular tension.

Integrative Slimming

Integrative Slimming is designed to tackle cellulite while firming and toning the skin by using a unique mousse to target and re-oxygenate both superficial adipose layers as well as deep skin tissues where cellulite is generated, helping to reverse that process. This is followed by a specialised massage that utilises deep, effective movements to dislodge cellulite while reviving the skin, leaving it toned and refreshed. The treatment ends with the application of a cream specially chosen to match your body type. Finally, to complete the refinement process, you will receive a diuretic infusion drink.


Reflexology is a gentle, holistic treatment that concentrates on specific areas of the feet and hands that correspond to specific parts, glands and organs of the body. With the application of finger-point pressure, stretching or localised massage of pressure sensors in the feet or hands, symptoms throughout your body may be alleviated.


Shiatsu is an ancient technique that uses finger pressure to improve certain conditions throughout the body. Ideal if you wish to alleviate symptoms such as depression, anxiety, nausea, stiffness, headaches, arthritis, cramps or pulled muscles, the therapist uses finger and palm pressure to stimulate energy pathways (known as meridians) to improve the flow of energy and promote healing.

Aqua One on One

Aqua One-on-One is a highly individual, warm water therapy that requires an instructor to undertake a bespoke programme that comprises stretches and strengthening movements by utilizing the natural resistance of water to build stamina or to relieve symptoms such as stress, muscle or joint pain. The water provides extensive, non-weight bearing exercise that encourages optimal muscle responsiveness.


Aromatherapy is holistic, therapeutic massage that uses light-pressure touch in combination with essential oils chosen to address specific ailments. The fragrances are soothing on the olfactory system and when the oils enter the blood stream they create a long-lasting therapeutic effect. The body’s energies are balanced and the lymphatics are stimulated, promoting safe removal of toxins from the system.

Cranio-Sacral Therapy

A holistic healing practice that regulates the flow of cerebrospinal fluid by using therapeutic touch to manipulate the synarthrodial joints of the cranium. The practitioner applies light and gentle palpations to the skull, face, spine and pelvis, thus becoming increasingly attuned to your system and encouraging the release of stored-up traumas and emotions. This gentle, non-invasive, hands-on treatment brings relief to the effects of physical injuries, psychological stresses, birth trauma and toxicity.

Hot Stone Massage

A Hot Stone Massage takes advantage of the heat-retaining properties of smooth volcanic stones. The effect is both deeply soothing and therapeutic for areas that experience chronic discomfort or pain. The overall effect of the protracted, gentle heat is to bring blood to the area, promoting relief and healing to tense, sore muscles while simultaneously providing a delicious, sensual experience.

Marine Algae Wrap

Concentrated in the Ocean’s invigorating benefits, this blue lagoon scrub pairs the incomparable exfoliating power of marine salt with nourishing oils to reveal a refined skin texture with a velvety feel. Followed by Plasma gel encourages the absorption of minerals. Applied 100% natural mud from the Dead Sea with an exceptional mineral content (Calcium and Magnesium) makes this wrap a multi-action treatment: a slimming precursor, natural anti-stress, post-exercise recovery. Cellulite dimpling is smoothed, tense joints and muscle pain are eased, and the body is completely replenished in minerals.

Marine Algae Bath

A Micronised Marine Algae Bath is for those who appreciate all the health-giving benefits of marine algae but prefer not to be wrapped for the algae to take effect. After a Plasma gel is applied to whole body to neutralise the pH balance of the skin, a relaxing 20-minute bath containing micronised marine algae is taken for sufficient duration to boost both blood and lymphatic circulation, strengthen muscle tone and promote the elimination of toxins. In addition, fluid retention is diminished as well as aches and pains, particularly those associated with sports injuries. After the bath, a marine body lotion is applied to your skin, leaving it feeling soft and moisturised.

Body Glow Exfoliation

Body Glow Exfoliation This treatment is for those seeking a full-body skin treatment that rejuvenates and brings a glow to tired, dull, or sallow skin. Dead skin cells are sloughed off the entire body by vigorous application of a medium consisting of refined marine salts, grapeseeds and honey infused with lemon, lime, and sweet orange essences. The exfoliation process improves blood and lymph circulation and encourages the regeneration of new skin cells. Exfoliation is an excellent precursor to other body treatments and massages where absorption of nutrients into the skin can improve. After a refreshing shower, a luxurious anti-ageing body rejuvenating cream application will leave your skin feeling soft, silky, and well hydrated.

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