We utilize a wide variety of skin therapies specially formulated for the correct treatment of whatever type of skin (or skin condition) you have.

We only recommend a specific process once we have made a thorough assessment of your skin and given you an informed opinion as to how to achieve the best result.

These include:


Classic Facial
Our Classic Facial is a cleansing, nourishing facial, designed to suit your skin type and bring about a healthy glow. This treatment begins with a thorough skin assessment, then the application of an exfoliator and steam, followed by a relaxing facial massage. A customized mask is applied and left for 15 minutes during which you receive a relaxing hand and foot or scalp massage. The treatment ends with a day and eye cream.
Collagen Biomatrix Facial
Our Collagen Biomatrix Facial is formulated to help build the collagen and elastin fibres in the skin to prevent premature fine lines and wrinkles.  After the face is cleansed under steam and an individual skin analysis, a customized combination of active products and fluids are massaged into your skin. This allows for deeper penetration so that fine lines are eliminated and new lines are prevented from forming. This facial has two specialized masks that encourage collagen and elastin stimulation. The treatment ends with an eye cream and day cream application.
Deluxe Anti-ageing Facial
Our Deluxe Anti-ageing Facial is a replenishing treatment that uses specialized serums containing active peptides by regenerating the skin’s collagen and elastin fibres. A lavender and grape seed plasticising  mask is applied which further enhances the actions of the active ingredients that reduce the signs of ageing, fine lines and wrinkles. An anti-ageing eye and day cream completes this facial.
Hydrating Facial
Our Hydrating Facial provides hydration and suppleness to dull, lack-lustre skin. The skin is cleansed twice to ensure all debris, sweat and oil are thoroughly removed. A steam exfoliation removes all dead cells, leaving the skin glowing and ready for extractions. After this, hydrating oil is applied using pressure point movements. A hydrating balm is then applied with gentle movements to promote lymphatic drainage. Next, a moisturising cream mask is left on the skin to take maximum effect. This is removed and finally, a super-hydrating day cream and eye cream are applied leaving the skin feeling soft, supple and exquisitely hydrated.
Purifying Back Cleanse
A Purifying Back Cleanse is a deep-cleansing skin treatment starting with deep, steam cleansing to enlarge the pores to allow the removal of impurities.  This is followed by the application of stimulating oil and clarifying balm that is massaged into the skin to help loosen and remove impurities on the back. It is followed by a Purifying Herbal Mask that will help clear congestion and breakouts on the back.  A moisturising day cream is then applied. This treatment is  perfect for those who regularly experience skin breakouts and congestion.
Skin Renewal Peeling
Our Skin Renewal Peeling is a facial that uses active Peeling acid ingredients to remove the damaged outer dermal layers, resulting in a smoother, younger-looking skin. The result of this peel is  a refined, rejuvenated and younger looking skin that contributes to a radiant appearance.
Balancing Facial
Our Balancing Facial is for blemished, oily skin in need of purification and balance. The skin is cleansed twice, followed by an exfoliation under steam. A skin analysis takes place beneath a magnifying lamp both to assess the skin’s condition and for the purpose of extractions.  Balancing oil is applied using pressure points. A clarifying balm is then applied during lymphatic drainage to ensure maximum penetration of the products, followed by a purifying mask to extract impurities and to heal the skin. Finally, balancing oil, day cream and eye cream are applied leaving skin healthy and glowing.
Facial Cleanse
Our Facial Cleanse is a quick treatment to cleanse and improve your complexion. This includes  a facial cleanse and a gentle exfoliation under steam, followed by a pressure point facial massage, a balm that is massaged in with lymphatic draining movements and a facial mask to remove dead skin that further cleanses the pores. Finally a day cream is applied.
Hi Skin Refiner Facial
Hi Skin Refiner Facial. This is an intense and luxurious, firming facial containing the finest ingredients for balancing both skin tone and texture. The process promotes a smoother, more radiant complexion, leaving your facial contours feeling firmer; perfect for giving a more youthful appearance for anyone wanting to reduce the signs of ageing.
Men's Facial
Our Men’s Facial is for men who require a specialized facial just for them.  It starts with a facial cleanse and then a steam that opens your pores, followed by a skin analysis and a relaxing facial massage with the appropriate mask to remove impurities, leaving your skin looking and feeling radiant. The treatment is completed with a day and eye cream application.
Salt Glow Exfoliation
Salt Glow Exfoliation is a full body skin treatment using a salt scrub into which fragrant essential oils have been mixed that rejuvenates and brings a glow to tired, dull or sallow skin. Dead skin cells are sloughed off the entire body by vigorous application of the fine salt scrub. This exfoliation process improves blood and lymph circulation and is an excellent precursor to other treatments such as wraps and massages where penetration of the skin by selected products is required. The salt scrub is washed off in a shower after which a cabernet body lotion is applied to leave your skin soft, silky and well hydrated.

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