A  healthy body is a beautiful body.

At The Hydro we believe that a healthy body is a body that benefits from an appreciation and practice of balance – mindful of the vital relationship between stress management, detoxing, good nutrition and regular exercise.

That is why, beyond the many treatments and therapies we offer that will help you to relax and revitalize, we also encourage you to observe the nutrition-rich menu that we offer, along with the various physical activities we promote to stimulate your entire system and general well-being.

Browse through the list of body-refining and grooming treatments we have for you.


Detox Wrap

This treatment reduces water retention as well as ridding the body of any toxins that have accumulated  through everyday stresses and poor diet.   A geranium and pine seed containing apricot kernels is gently applied to buff away dead skin cells and promote blood circulation. A shower leaves the skin soft and purified in readiness for the detox oil. A clay body mask is then applied  and the body is wrapped tightly for 15 min. During this time you receive a relaxing 5 minute scalp massage. This is followed by a warm shower to remove the mask before a grape-based body lotion is finally applied. The effect is soft, supple skin and a detoxified, invigorated body.
Duration: 60 min ~ R950


Cocoon Wrap

A luxurious, ritual full-body salt scrub to remove dead skin cells. It comprises refined marine salts, grape extracts and honey infused with lemon, lime and sweet orange essences. This is followed by super-hydration in a rich, grape-based milk bath containing redbush extract, panthenol and hyaluric acid actives. Then the therapist gently applies oils to your body in a slow effleurage movement using a vine-based massage cream. Your body is then completely wrapped to ensure maximum absorption via the skin, during which time a relaxing scalp massage is administered.
Duration: 75 min ~ R1080



Cellulite often shows up as dimpling on the skin, sometimes called the ‘cottage cheese’ look, even in those who are physically fit. LPG increases blood and oxygen to the cellulite-afflicted areas of the skin, after which fluids eliminated from the cells are removed via urination. During treatment, a mechanical roller is applied to the body while it is sheathed in a body stocking, creating a feeling similar to deep tissue massage . It is generally not painful and may even be soothing. A suction device is also applied to the cellulite-affected areas.
Duration: 60 min ~ R900    Read More



This process assists the detoxification process by increasing metabolic rate and stimulating blood circulation. The treatment begins with a 15-min jacuzzi bath to stimulate circulation and warm up sore/stiff muscles. This is followed by a hot/cold sitting bath to encourage blood and lymph circulation. Over the longer-term, this may help to reduce cellulite.  The session ends with a full-body, cold spray followed by a steam bath or sauna to promote elimination of impurities via the skin. Afterwards, your skin feels  smooth and you are left feeling both invigorated and relaxed.
Duration: 45 min ~ R380


Lymph Drainage

Designed to manually stimulate the normal detoxification function of the body’s lymphatic system, this treatment improves conditions of oedema (fluid retention) as well as providing post-operative encouragement of the natural healing processes. By using gentle, specialised pumping techniques, the therapist moves your skin in the direction of the lymph flow, thereby optimising the process by which lymphatic vessels mobilise substances that are vital to your body’s immune system as well as removing waste products.
Duration: 60 min ~ R820


Marine Algae Wrap

This treatment utilizes marine algae-based ‘mud’ that is rich in minerals and trace elements renowned for enhancing detoxification, encouraging weight management and promoting refinement of the figure.  A gel is first applied to the whole body to neutralise the pH balance in the skin. This assists in the penetration and absorption of the pure algae which is applied to the whole body before being warmly wrapped. During the 15 – 20 min it takes for the product to take effect, you receive a relaxing scalp massage. After a shower to remove the mud, a marine body lotion is applied to leave your skin feeling soft and completely moisturised.
Duration: 60 minutes ~ R850


Muscle Release

Intensive massage and muscle-reconditioning techniques are used to help relieve muscular tension using
a muscular vine scrub.  Back, neck and shoulders receive an invigorating muscle-release massage and muscular vine oil is applied to the rest of the body. This is followed by the application of a refreshing, circulavine gel before the whole body is cocooned. While you are wrapped you receive a soothing scalp massage.  You are then immersed in a therapeutic bath containing a rich, muscularvine bath product. The treatment ends with a soothing massage in which a moisturizing body lotion is applied.
Duration: 90 min ~ R1080


Ozone Therapy

For those suffering from problems such as high blood pressure, arthritis, eczema, allergies, low immunity, muscular/nervous system dysfunction and nicotine dependency.  Under the supervision of a trained therapist, treatments take place in an ozone chamber where moist heat opens pores and dilates the capillaries. Ozone oxidises toxins in the lymph nodes, fat and blood. The oxidised toxins leave the body via the sweat glands in the skin, thereby preventing the shock to the body of excessive dumping of toxins into the liver and colon.
Duration: 30 min ~ R660


Resurfacing Body Treatment

A highly advanced, result driven 2-step body treatment to rapidly resurface a dull skin complexion while scientific actives help to rejuvenate the skin and reduce the visible signs of ageing and the loss of skin tone. This relazing treatment effectively eliminates dead, dull skin cells for instantly smoother, softer and more radiant skin. It reduces the visible signs of ageing for a more youthful appearance. It dramatically improves skin texture, tone and complexion. It increases tissue oxygenation. Ideal for use before special occasions but cannot be done less than 3 days after shaving and 5 days after waxing or during pregnancy.

Duration: 30 min ~ R490


Salt Glow Exfoliation

This treatment is for those seeking a full-body skin treatment that rejuvenates and brings a glow to tired, dull or sallow skin. Dead skin cells are sloughed off the entire body by vigorous application of the fine salt scrub. This exfoliation process improves blood and lymph circulation and promotes removal of toxins. It is an excellent precursor to other treatments such as wraps and massages where penetration of the skin by selected products is required. The salt scrub is washed off in a shower after which a grape-based body lotion is applied, leaving you  relaxed and your skin feeling soft, silky and well hydrated.
Duration: 30 min ~ R400


Thalasso Therapy

Ideal for those who want to relax, de-stress and get relief from general aches and pains. In addition, the treatment assists in slimming, improves the general texture of the skin and promotes reduction of cellulite. A salt exfoliator is first applied to the entire body after which you soak in a jacuzzi infused with grape-based, mineral-rich water. A underwater lymphatic drainage massage is then performed to facilitate the elimination of toxins, followed by the application of slimming oil. Finally, a moisturizing  body lotion is gently applied.
Duration: 75 min ~ R1080


Integrative Slimming

For those who wish to tackle cellulite and undesirable curves and to firm and tone the skin. Special products are used that target and re-oxygenate both superficial adipose layers as well as deep skin tissues where cellulite is generated, helping to reverse that process. At first, a unique mousse is applied to the affected areas, followed by various figure-sculpting concentrates.  This is followed by a specialised  massage that utilises deep movements designed to dislodge cellulite while reviving the skin leaving it toned and refreshed. Finally,  a cream  chosen to match your body type is applied and you are given a diuretic infusion drink.
Duration: 45min  ~R1100


Marine Algae Bath

This effect of micronised marine algae in a relaxing bath is to boost blood and lymphatic circulation, strengthen muscle tone and promote the elimination of toxins. In addition, fluid retention is diminished as well as aches and pains, particularly those associated with sports injuries.  Initially, a gel is applied to  the whole body to neutralise the pH balance of the skin, enabling efficient absorption of the pure algae. This is followed by a relaxing, 20-minute immersion in a bath infused with micronised marine algae. Finally, a marine body lotion will be applied to your skin, leaving it feeling soft and moisturised.
Duration: 30 minutes ~ R500

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