Today, millions of us are absorbing and struggling with unprecedented levels of stress and anxiety that shape (or hinder) our daily lives. In fact, a growing body of doctors and medical researchers regard stress as the primary trigger for many of the diseases and ailments that afflict us today.

Acutely sensitive to these stressful environmental shifts, The Hydro provides a place of refuge and respite for those who are enduring this

destructive pressure – those who need a place to rest and revive, to rediscover the genuine sense of a positive outcome, no matter what personal circumstances are weighing them down.

We offer a number of specialized treatments that focus on relieving stress and anxiety. You can select from the list of options below, or you can invest in a longer stay and experience the real benefit of an anti-stress program.


Hydrotherapy involves a 15-min Jacuzzi bath to stimulate circulation and help warm up sore or stiff muscles, followed by a hot and cold sitting bath (called Kneipp therapy) to stimulate lymph and blood circulation. There after you have a full-body cold spray, followed by a steam bath or sauna to eliminate impurities via the skin. Finally, a warm shower brings you back to body temperature leaving your skin feeling invigorated and your body completely relaxed.

The Muscle Release Experience

Our Muscle Release Experience starts with a muscularvine-based friction scrub for exfoliation after which you are immersed in a therapeutic bath that contains an invigorating muscularvine soak .This is followed by an invigorating back, neck and shoulders massage using muscle-release massage oil that is also generally applied to the rest of your body. This is followed by the application of a refreshing gel for the optimal effect on the circulatory system, before your whole body is wrapped. While you remain cocooned this way, you receive a soothing scalp massage. The treatment ends with the application of a moisturizing body lotion.

Cocoon Hibernation Wrap

A Cocoon Wrap starts with a luxurious, body scrub, comprising of grape extracts and honey infused with lemon, lime and sweet orange essences. The exfoliation removes dead skin cells. This is followed by a rich, grape-milk bath containing rooibos extract and panthenol. Next, a rich, vine-based cream is massaged into the skin and the body is wrapped to ensure maximum absorption, during which a relaxing scalp massage is administered.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy takes place in an ozone chamber under the supervision of a trained therapist. Ozone-rich, moist heat opens pores and dilates the capillaries. The ozone oxidises toxins in the lymph nodes, fat and blood. The oxidised toxins leave the body via the sweat glands in the skin, thereby preventing the shock to the body of excessive dumping of toxins into the liver and colon. This state-of-the-art treatment aids various problems such as high blood pressure, arthritis, eczema, allergies, low immunity, muscular /nervous system dysfunction and nicotine dependency.

Swedish Full Body Massage

A Swedish Massage improves circulation and flexibility while easing muscle aches and tension. By applying firm but gentle pressure across the body, the therapist warms and loosens the muscle tissue thereby releasing tension and eliminating knots. This treatment is ideal for those people seeking body relaxation as a means to improve overall health.


A series of exercises to follow in the warm indoor pool allowing your muscles to stretch without strain or pressure.

In-between Treatments, you can make use of our other facilities and various complimentary activities.

Extended De-stress Programme

While each of these treatments can be experienced separately, it is when they are combined in a coordinated process over a period of days that they truly bear results.

Three Day De-Stress Programme

Enjoy 3 nights’ accommodation with:

3 healthy buffet meals per day
Afternoon detox soup, fruit, vegetable juices.
Cinnamon/ginger, rooibos and chamomile teas
Aquacise, T’ai chi, yoga, relaxation or mindfulness sessions, walks
Access to facilities: indoor heated pool, outdoor pool, gym


  •   1 Hydrotherapy treatment
  •   1 60-minute full-body massage
  •   1 Ozone Therapy
  •   1 Muscle Release or Cocoon Wrap