African Wood Massage

First your feet are cleansed; then your limbs receive gentle, passive stretching adapted specifically to your individual capacity to release tension and to enhance the range of motion of your joints. A warm avocado-infused olive and shea butter ointment is then drizzled over your body, followed by a deep massage to promote  muscle relaxation while the soft butter nourishes and moisturises dry skin. Harmonious sounds from handmade wooden instruments further enhance the relaxing effect.

Duration: 90min ~R1450


Back, Neck and Shoulders

For those who carry tension in their back, neck and
shoulders and who require a quick release from discomfort or pain.  This is a deeply relaxing massage therapy
concentrating on back, neck and shoulder muscles.
Pressure is applied along both sides of the spine and the lower back, moving up towards the shoulders and neck, thereby relieving the effects of stress and tension.

Duration: 30 mins ~ R680



A modified version of the ancient cupping technique, Bellabaci utilizes medical grade silicone cups which, when squeezed by hand, create a vacuum against the skin.  These are placed in strategic positions to provide a slow suction effect that is gentle and soothing while stimulating a detoxification process.  Connective tissue is also mobilized, helping to reduce scarring by enhancing blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin. Cell metabolism is improved, too, through the supply of additional nutrients and oxygen, thus providing longer term anti-ageing benefits as well.
Bellabaci Full body massage : 60 minutes~R1100
Bellabaci Full body and Facial cupping : 90 minutes~R1400
Bellabaci Back, Neck, shoulders massage : 30 minutes ~R650
Add-on Facial Treatment: 30 min – R260



Hot Stone Massage

This unique massage both relaxes and relieves tense, sore muscles while simultaneously providing a delicious, sensual experience.  The effect of the heat-retaining properties of smooth, volcanic stones that are placed at strategic points along the surface of the back is to bring blood to areas that may be difficult to reach with hands. The overall result is deeply soothing and therapeutic for those who experience chronic discomfort or pain.

Duration: 60 min ~ R1100


Scalp Massage 


For  neck or scalp tension that may contribute to headaches and migraines. A stimulating hair tonic is applied using pressure point movements to enhance the condition of the scalp and stimulate hair follicles. This is followed by a head massage using conditioning hair oil.  A protein hair mask is finally applied, leaving hair silky, soft and shining.

Duration: 30min R650

Swedish Massage

This full-body massage is for those seeking body relaxation as a means to improve overall health. This treatment
improves circulation and flexibility while easing muscle aches and tension. By applying firm but gentle pressure across the body, the practitioner warms the muscle tissue thereby helping to eliminate knots and release tension.

Duration: 60 min ~ R980
                   90 min  ~ R1450



TheraNaka™ CBD-Infused Heated Balm Massage

This sublimely relaxing massage melts away the troubles of life as gentle stroking movements, using a heated pure CBD infused balm helps to relax the body. Indulge in the synergistic calming effect of CBD, Ylang-Ylang, Geranium and Lavender as the warmth of the balm caresses your body and your senses naturally relax.

Duration: 60 min – R1100

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