Every day there is a free Aquacize class for gentle stretching and toning of the muscles.

Duration: 30 minute drop-in class ~ complimentary



Aqua One-on-One

For those seeking a gentle, yet effective way to stretch and strengthen as well as for anyone needing
alleviation of pain in joints and muscles. Our instructors assist you to undertake a client-specific programme comprising stretches and movements that utilize the natural resistance of water to build stamina or to relieve symptoms.

At an initial consultation we establish your specific needs/goals before guiding you through the session in a heated pool. The water provides extensive, non-weight bearing exercise that encourages optimal muscle health.

Duration: 30 min ~ R300   /    40 min ~ R400



In our fully-equipped gym, you can choose to do a full work-out or a shorter series of targeted exercises. A fitness specialist is on hand to assist you and may be booked for a one-on-one yoga or pilates session should you wish.



Stretching oneonone

For anyone seeking to increase flexibility and relieve stress and tension through low-impact, high-effect training. Our qualified fitness consultants offer flexibility workouts that specify various movements to safely stretch contracted parts of your body. By encouraging specific muscle groups to elongate, stiffness is alleviated, physical performance is improved and the risk of fresh injuries is diminished.

Duration: 30 min ~ R185


T’ai Chi 

Held twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays.

Some of the benefits of T’ai Chi…..

  • Reduces stress. …
  • Improves mood. …
  • Better sleep. …
  • Promotes weight loss. …
  • Improves cognition in older adults. …
  • Reduces risk of falling in older adults. …
  • Improves fibromyalgia symptoms


Yoga oneonone

Yoga is an ancient holistic system meaning ‘union’. It is an example of embodied mindfulness (awareness) and is for those who want to reach their full physical, mental and spiritual potential. Yoga promotes overall wellness using postures, breathing exercises and meditation.  

Duration: 30 min ~ R380
Duration: 60 min ~ R700




Our Indoor and outdoor pool offer ample space to swim lengths to keeps your heart rate up while taking some of the impact stress off your body. Swimming builds endurance, muscle strength and tone as well as cardiovascular fitness.


The Hydro is located on a magnificent wine farm in Stellenbosch with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. There are many paths around the farm that offer beautiful scenic walks. Guided walks are offered every morning at no charge.