In the modern age, the concept of the perfect body shape or the ideal weight has generated much debate, encouraged many schools of thought, and even provoked advocacy groups.

At The Hydro, our focus is to encourage healthy lifestyle practices that assist in maintaining a long-term positive outlook for our bodies that will ultimately ensure a long and fulfilled life.

To successfully maintain a healthy body requires an informed approach to both nutrition and exercise.

Should you come to The Hydro intent on shedding unwanted weight – whatever your slimming goals are – we first encourage a session with one of our consultants to set achievable goals.

The ideal plan should be to maintain the weight after the various therapies. To that end, we offer a number of individual treatments, although ideally a longer stay is more likely to deliver the best outcome.

Inbody Analysis

Inbody Analysis offers an accurate measurement of water, fat, protein (muscle) and minerals in the body. A small electrical current is applied via electrodes that connect you to the Inbody Analysis scale and instantaneously produces a print-out of your body composition values.


Visible results as from the third session!

The new endermologie® patent combines its most effective patented technologies for more intense and more rapid skin stimulation.

The power of body endermologie® is evident in the broad spectrum of its offerings for men and women including: releasing fat, reducing cellulite, toning and firming the skin and improving the overall quality of the skin.  

Swedish Massage

A Swedish Massage improves circulation and flexibility while easing muscle aches and tension. By applying firm but gentle pressure across the body, the therapist warms and loosens the muscle tissue thereby releasing tension and eliminating knots. This treatment is ideal for those people seeking body relaxation as a means to improve overall health.

Nutritional Consultation

Our Nutritional Consultation is a personalised nutritional assessment by a qualified resident Nutritionist, who reviews your eating habits and dietary requirements with a view to creating an individually-tailored diet. This helps establish realistic goals and offers a combination of healthy eating changes, diet and balanced meal-planning to help you attain optimal health and weight.


Bellabaci is a modified and simplified version of the ancient cupping technique that is still used today in Asia, Egypt and Greece. Bellabaci utilizes medical-grade silicone cups which, when squeezed by hand, create a vacuum against the skin (these do not leave unsightly red marks). By creating suction in the cup, negative pressure is created under the skin that promotes drainage of excess fluid and toxins. Connective tissue is mobilised and this can assist in reducing scarring and enhancing blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin. Cell metabolism is improved, too, through the supply of additional nutrients and oxygen, thus providing longer term anti-ageing benefits as well. Depending on the degree of suction applied, Bellabaci can be as light as lymphatic drainage or as deep as a deep tissue massage.


Hydrotherapy involves a 15-min Jacuzzi bath to stimulate circulation and help warm up sore or stiff muscles, followed by a hot and cold sitting bath (called Kneipp therapy) to stimulate lymph and blood circulation. There after you have a full-body cold spray, followed by a steam bath or sauna to eliminate impurities via the skin. Finally, a warm shower brings you back to body temperature leaving your skin feeling invigorated and your body completely relaxed.

Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymph Drainage is a treatment designed to manually stimulate the normal detoxification process of lymph drainage. By using gentle, specialised pumping techniques, the therapist moves your skin in the direction of the lymph flow, stimulating the process by which lymphatic vessels carry substances vital to your body’s defences as well as removing waste products. This therapy is ideal for people who need to improve all conditions of oedema and fluid retention as well as providing post-operative encouragement of the natural healing process.

Marine Algae Wrap

A Micronised Marine Algae Wrap utilises our own special blend of marine algae-based ‘mud’, rich in minerals and trace elements. It contains three algae strains (Fucus, Laminaria and Lithothanium) that are renowned for enhancing detoxification processes as well as encouraging weight management and promoting refinement of the figure. The treatment starts with a Plasma gel applied to the whole body to neutralise the pH balance in the skin. This assists with penetration and absorption of the pure algae. The ‘mud’ is then applied to your whole body, after which you are cocooned and warmly wrapped. During the 15 – 20 minutes it takes for the product to take effect, you receive a relaxing scalp massage. After a shower, a marine body lotion is applied to leave your skin feeling soft and completely moisturised.

Extended  Programmes

While each of these treatments can be experienced  separately, 
when they are combined in a coordinated process over a period of days, they truly begin to bear long term results.