Steve Newman Concerts & Yoga

A week of exclusive evening soireés with one of SA’s music legends as well as the opportunity to share in his daily curative yoga sessions. 12-15th November. Read More

Our New Eco Pool

Our brand new, freshwater eco pool is now complete!   Read more 

Hibernation Wrap

Duration: 90 min


Here is the perfect experience for anyone who longs to feel warm and cocooned, far away from the chilling effects of winter weather.


A unique, luxurious wrap that moisturises the skin while enhancing blood  and lymph circulation. In addition, a 30-minute back massage soothes those aches and pains that are the side-effect of stress.


A grape-infused sponge is used to exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. The exfoliation facilitates absorption of the hydrating  olive & shea butter that is applied during the 30-minute back, neck and shoulder massage. This helps to loosen tight muscles, leaving you feeling completely relaxed. While the butter remains on your body, you are cocooned-wrapped and left for a few minutes for optimal absorption of the hydrating oils. After a warm shower, comprehensive application of a cabernet lotion seals in the moisture.