With mindful nutrition playing such an important role in supporting longevity, health and wellness, we do our utmost to provide an environment that makes eating enjoyable.

Whether you prefer to eat in quiet seclusion, or to share the convivial opportunities to meet and sit with other guests, we offer the comfort of informal settings inside our dining room or, if you prefer, the opportunity to sit outside on the veranda and soak up the view. 

We provide three generous meals a day, offering  delicious vegetarian options.

The main ingredients are sourced directly from our own garden, which provides a unique link to the freshest, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

We pride ourselves on the variety and complexity of the hundreds of recipes that we have developed over time.

We do not offer room service. Nor do we serve alcohol or drinks that contain caffeine.

If food is to be your natural source of natural ‘medicine’ at The Hydro, then health and well-being remains our foremost priority.