Water is an essential feature of The Hydro experience.

From daily hydrotherapy sessions to Aquacise classes in the heated indoor pool, our guests expect to enjoy the miraculous healing effects of water.

In summer, the outdoor pool has always been a much loved source of deep relaxation. The delicious luxury of lounging at the poolside under an umbrella, cradling a glass of freshly squeezed juice or simply ogling the mountains, encourages a special serenity.

It is now our great pleasure to announce the replacement of the old conventional outdoor pool with a natural eco pool!

Eco Pool System

The eco pool is cleaned and supported continuously by a small ecosystem of plants and microorganisms that absorb all foreign material so that the water is safe for swimming. We’ve incorporated a long lap pool for those who love to swim for exercise.

As the ecosystem matures over time, the water will become perfectly clear and pure enough to drink. The absence of harsh chemicals such as chlorine in the system means that the water is kind to eyes, skin and hair.

 We anticipate a great deal of pleasure as we watch the surrounding garden grow and develop into a lush zone of semi-aquatic plants that, in turn will attract a rich diversity of insect, amphibian and bird life.








Why go natural?

Natural pools are completely free from chlorine, meaning that the health value of swimming no longer needs to be weighed up against the toxic effect of the chemicals that are usually used to minimise the risk of bacterial growth and algae. The pure, oxygenated water of natural pools is kind to skin, hair and the respiratory system. It’s even good enough to drink!

What about bacteria and algae?

Instead of the usual methods of managing bacteria and algae with daily doses of chlorine and other toxic chemicals in combination with high-pressure sand filters, eco-pool water is kept clean using a smaller, energy-efficient pump along with living ecosystems of plants.  These absorb any nutrients in the waters, making it difficult for algae to grow. Microscopic aquatic animals flourish in the shade of plants and feed on bacteria and any remaining algae.

Will I have to share the pool with frogs and fish?

Definitely not! Our eco-pool is designed specifically for our guests’ requirements and will ensure exceptional water clarity in a swimming area that will actually be larger than the previous pool size. Aquatic creatures tend to avoid clear water and take refuge among the vegetation in an adjoining part of the ecosystem.


The living ecosystem oxygenates the water, giving rise to aquatic predators such as frogs that naturally consume mosquito larvae.


Where can I find out more?

The concept of natural pools is by no means new. Thousands have been built worldwide, particularly in Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Our pool is the result of the pioneering work of Dr Jerome Davis who holds a PhD in aquatic biology from the Royal University of Ghent in Belgium. Dr Davis has worked in the aquaculture industry for 20 years and is currently based in Cape Town where he offers individual designs and technology adapted to each unique situation. See  for more information.