Mindfulness is a mental training that may be defined as the awareness arising from paying purposeful attention in the present moment without any judgement or self-criticism.

Because life is full of distractions, we know that such mastery of the mind would take a lifetime. Nevertheless, research has shown that only a few minutes of meditation every day or even simply bringing increased awareness to ordinary daily activities produces measurable brain changes that are beneficial for optimal brain function, wellbeing and health.

During your stay at The Hydro, you will have numerous opportunities to practise Mindfulness. You may choose to infuse your entire Hydro stay with Mindfulness.

During each week, there are several scheduled opportunities to experience Mindfulness in various ways, such as guided meditations and mindfulness classes. And, whenever the mood takes you, be sure to enjoy a quiet walk around the labyrinth.

The peace of our unique location allows the mind to naturally quieten.

While at The Hydro, take each day as it comes…slowly. Breathe.
No doubt your mind will become calm.  Before long, the simple joy of life itself will be restored to you.