Body science actively promotes the essential role that food plays in keeping us healthy – not only physically, but mentally and spiritually.

At The Hydro, we are committed to overcoming the toxicity and free-radicals that threaten our health, including the most destructive influence of all: Stress.

Our eating plans are designed to cleanse your system through detoxification, gently encouraging your body to recover from these damaging effects of modern life.

We know that vitamins, nutrients and anti-oxidants protect us from common ailments and actively fight against some of the diseases that we confront today.

Our Chef works closely with The Hydro Naturopaths to ensure we provide the correct proportions of nutrients and proteins, but also – importantly – a wide variety of recipes filled with delicious combinations of vegetarian ingredients

We grow almost all of our seasonal raw fruits and vegetables in our own organic vegetable garden. Rich in vitamins and minerals, necessary for cellular function, these ingredients contain essential carbohydrates and fibre, vital for maintaining low GI levels and assisting with colonic function.

Vegetarian proteins assist in balancing blood sugar levels, accelerating the metabolism and improving muscle strength and fitness. Essential fats in olive oil, olives, avocados, nuts and seeds regulate cholesterol levels and reduce systemic inflammation.

Our fresh vegetable juices cleanse the digestive system and enhance the ability to heal.

During the day, you have unlimited access to our signature Cinnamon & Ginger tea, prepared every day to boost your immune system. At night, we provide Chamomile tea to encourage restorative sleep.

Filtered water (hot, warm or cold) is available at all hours.