At The Hydro, we have always understood the vital importance of knowing where our food comes from, how it’s grown (or processed) and how far it’s had to travel to get to our kitchen (known as the ‘farm-to-table’ measure, the key factor is how short that distance should be).

In 2015 we established our own organic, permaculture vegetable garden. Today, our garden is the culinary and dietary ‘heart’ of The Hydro – providing a feast of fresh, seasonal ingredients to inspire new dishes and to refresh familiar favorites while providing vital levels of nourishment and nutrition.

We have embraced the three core principles of Permaculture: Care for the Earth; Care for the People; Return of Surplus. These three values help guide our gardening team to grow the flourishing harvest of seasonal and nutritious delights that you will experience when you stay with us.

We specifically employ a number of sustainable and ‘clean’ permaculture techniques that include mulching to prepare our

beds, and the use of a unique compost ‘tea’ that works as an organic fertilizer that suppresses diseases, while increasing nutritional quality and strengthens the flavours of our produce.

Visitors to The Hydro are welcome to explore the garden and to become aquainted with our talented gardeners. As you will see, our approach to health and wellness runs deep into our very soil.