When it comes to relaxation and recreational facilities at The Hydro, you’ll be spoilt for choice.


We have two swimming pools. The outside pool is our brand new Eco pool. In keeping with maintaining as natural an environment as possible, this wonderful piece of sustainable engineering ensures the steady production and flow of clean, clear and natural water: water so pure that it could come from a mountain stream. Its position is enhanced by one of the best views in the Southern Cape.
Our indoor heated pool is used mainly for exercise classes and therapy, but is equally useful for a warm refreshing dip on a cold winter’s day.


The surrounding vineyards and mountains provide a number of wonderful routes for long walks, and we regularly host informative rambles led by local guides.  Both our botanical and vegetable gardens are treasure troves of plant and bird life. The views inspire hours of quiet contemplation. You can rest on the lawns or sit on one of the benches positioned specifically to provide the best possible opportunity to relax and rewind. Also, be sure to explore our labyrinth.

Evening Lectures and Discussions

These informal sessions take place after supper and provide opportunities to discover the theory and background behind The Hydro’s healing process, as well as learn more about various signature treatments and their practitioners.


Yoga is one of many ways to develop a mindfulness practice. This ancient holistic system is globally renowned for positive effect on mind and body through its wide range of postures, breathing exercises and meditation. At The Hydro, classes are conducted at a remedial level to loosen muscles and joints, to correct breathing abnormalities and postural dysfunction whilst providing a template for your later use at home.