5 Rhythms Dance Workshop at the Hydro in April  – with Hanna Louwenthal

Tap into the Power of your Being



On April 13th, at The Hydro Stellenbosch, explore 5Rhythms® in order from Flowing into Staccato, into Chaos, into Lyrical, into Stillness.

Play with these rhythms and with all the in-between dances that you’ll find where one rhythm meets and becomes the next.

Through moving, you will learn what it means to embody fluid transitions, meeting the ever changing nature of the dance and of life.


Check back here soon for more details and to reserve your place. Everyone is welcome. No previous dance experience is needed.

Hannah Loewenthal has been teaching the 5Rhythms® since 2012.

She is devoted to supporting anyone who comes onto the dance floor into a grounded and sensitive space where the individual and the group can deepen in the dance; moving and growing alone and together.

Date: 13th April at 11am