9-12 August 2019


Playful Movement,  Creative Clay work, Mindfulness Talks and Guided Meditations

Honour yourself this Women’s Day, with a weekend of delightful reconnection and self-empowerment, along with the usual
pampering, detoxing and deep relaxation you can expect at the Hydro.

 Activities are complimentary and all Hydro guests are welcome to participate.


Afternoon: CREATIVITY & MINDFULNESS-A presentation by Sami Davis

Mindfulness is a state of Being that arises through non-judgemental noticing of our own experience. In Creative Mindfulness we make friends with our experience, leading to absorption, creativity and flow. In this session we’ll discuss the difference between ‘Doing’ and ‘Being’ and how they affect creativity.

Evening: SITTING IN STILLNESS –  A guided meditation with Sami Davis


Afternoon: MINDFUL CLAY – An experiential workshop with Sami Davis

Working with clay can alleviate the damaging effects of chronic stress. Under the professional guidance of art therapist, Sami Davis, you are invited to re-calibrate your overwrought nervous system in a playful way.  Manipulating clay is a highly sensory and grounding experience – the touch, feel and smell encourage the mind to take a break from habitual productivity thinking, helping to relax the physical body and quieten the busy mind. Beginners welcome. This workshop has a materials cost of R300 and booking is essential.

Evening: SITTING IN STILLNESSA guided meditation with Annelize Taljaard


Afternoon: MANAGE STRESS MINDFULLY –  A presentation with Annalize Taljaard

Prolonged stress actually changes the brain. Mindfulness can help you to spot when your stress levels are rising, become aware  of your personal reaction to that stress and diminish the tendency we all have to get locked into reactive mode. When we practice Mindfulness we learn the art of creating space for ourselves – space to think, space to breathe, space between ourselves and our reactions. Meditation teaches us we have the choice not to react to those things that trigger our anxiety but rather to respond to them in ways that serve us.

Evening: SITTING IN STILLNESS – A guided meditation with Lisa Firer


Afternoon: BIODANZA A workshop in free movement with Lisa Firer

Biodanza (‘the dance of life’) is a system of self-development that uses music, movement and positive feelings to deepen self-awareness. It promotes the ability to make a holistic link to our emotions and to express them. This workshop is designed to activate your joy of living and opening to life. Although the sequence of events is guided, there are no steps to follow. Inspiring music will encourage you to express yourself naturally through effortless, flowing movement.

Sami Davis, MA (Art Psychotherapy), has 19 years of experience in Art Therapy with individuals and groups. Her clientele includes those who struggle with stress, burnout, anxiety and depression and who seek life purpose, personal empowerment and change.

Annelize Taljaard is a counselling psychologist in private practice in Stellenbosch. She has a postgraduate qualification in Mindfulness-Based Interventions with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Stellenbosch University.   

Lisa Firer, MFA (Master of Fine Arts), is an internationally accredited Biodanza facilitator. She trained to teach Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction at the University of Massachusetts, USA and a postgraduate qualification in Mindfulness-Based Interventions with the Stellenbosch University.